Our clients

We cooperate with over 200 SMEs, managing on average 4.500 employees.

Our clients operate in many industries: from the most traditional sectors such as the tertiary, construction, and manufacturing, through the NGOs, entertainment, air transport, IT, up to innovative start-up, foundations and special companies.

Our clients’ size ranges from small medium companies to more structured companies (range 400-1800 employees) with internal payroll flow management.

We usually work on personnel administration and labour consulting, for SMEs.

For our clients belonging to international/multinational groups, we also offer Labour Consulting in English.

Labour Consultants specialized in the strategic HR management
Ours is a history of continuous transformation and innovation
We want to support entrepreneurs in the creation a sustainable business system.
Concrete aid in the form of microcredit to support work projects in developing countries.
Not only Payroll. We measure and manage data to strategically choose the best remuneration policies
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