Human Resource Development

Strategic management of human resources and personnel development

As in the game of chess, in the strategic HR management, the game is won thanks to the best combination of consulting, training, coaching, problem solving and assessment.

A magic, seemingly illogical, that leads to performance improvement and HR development with an eye to the cost of work and the well-being of people

Mapping of skills and assessment of potential

As an Assessor certified by the Palo Alto School, we use scientifically validated objective interviews and tools to help the entrepreneur find effective talent management solutions, supporting top management in HR decision-making.

Enhancement of human resources and organizational well-being

Assessment is a measuring instrument.

A predictive diagnostic system applied by Six Seconds certified Assessor to support the management and development of HR during growth and change paths.

Modello misurazione di Paserio & Partners
Corporate Strategic Problem Solving interventions are aimed at solving problems or achieving excellent objectives.
They are often presented to participants as training activities in order to anticipate resistance to change and more easily achieve the desired result.

The strategic role in the development of human resources

Strategic Business Problem Solving interventions are aimed at solving problems or achieving excellent goals. They are often presented to participants as training activities to anticipate the resistance to change and to achieve the desired result more easily. Problem Solvers certified by the Nardone Group Management School use a non-ordinary logic (analysis of the attempted failed solutions and of the positive exceptions) and strategic dialogue to break the automatic patterns induced by habitual behaviours that do not allow the potential of individuals to emerge. The interventions of strategic consultants are supported by techniques, methodologies and tools (Nardone’s Model e SEI Assessment) measurable, autocorrective, predictive and replicable that guarantee the achievement expected results in a short time.

Consulting to the HR Manager

Every day, managers of the HR Office face difficulties dictated by continuous updating, bureaucracy, uncertain legislation and the multidisciplinary aspects typical of their role.

Outsourcing of the HR Management Service

In an increasingly fast, flexible and complex market, companies need to speed up response times, simplify HR management, contain costs and avoid conflicts with workers.

Paserio & Partners, to meet this need, has revised its organization transforming its firm into a detached HR office for clients.

Clients can outsource the entire HR flow (from recruiting, through management and growth of the human resources, to termination), we also offer direct support to employees through ticketing and communication service both remotely and in presence.

The service is customizable according to needs, with targeted intervention by professionals specialized in the different areas of expertise.

Not only Payroll. We measure and manage data to strategically choose the best remuneration policies
Coaching and Problem Solving to support manager and entrepreneurs
Community di Professionisti, Giovani e Imprenditori per cambiare la cultura aziendale partendo dal Capitale Umano
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