Labour Consulting

Labor Consultancy Firm in Gallarate

As an ISO 9001: 2015 certified labor law expert and trusted partner, as a labor consultancy firm we have been supporting companies for over 30 years with a strategic approach in choosing remuneration policies with a view to total reward.
We take care of improving the organization and working performance of companies, from the drafting and management of employee incentive systems (productivity agreements convertible in whole or in part into corporate welfare), to agreements for the management of new organizational methods in smart working (remote work).

Payroll and Contributions

Payroll processing. A starting point

We have thought about payroll management (payroll) in a different way, to transform the processed data into added value for the company.
The secret is to start with payroll processing to transform the data into aggregate reports, which can be easily consulted and viewed in real time from PC and Smartphone for immediate analysis by the entrepreneur and top management.
Reliable data to contain costs and improve the performance of employees to move, in an agile way, in an uncertain and highly complex market.
Payroll in the company: payslip processing with "zero problems"
In addition to the internal payroll payroll, Paserio & Partners offers an external payroll service using the Studio Payroll Portal.
Coaching and Problem Solving to support manager and entrepreneurs
Techniques and Tools for Change Management and HR Development
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