Our history

Our history - Paserio & Partners

Paserio & Partners is the evolution of Studio Paserio, founded in 1990 as traditional Labour Consulting firm.

A path of growth that has seen many radical changes.

Only the clear vision of innovative and valuable solutions, trigged the change process.

Resistance to change has vanished and positive energy has found refuge in people.
The first part of the growth and digitization project was awarded by the ICT & Professionals Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano (“Digital Professional 2014” award for the Labour Consultants category nationwide).

An important milestone that gave impetus to our race.

Then, we stopped, to listen the entrepreneurs’ voice

We continued to work on ourselves, changing mindset and acquiring new skills.

Coaching, Problem Solving, Communication, Assessment, Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence have entered our world, giving birth to the Strategic Labour Consulting.

Today, thanks to the involvement of many professionals, we can support SMEs in the development of their Business, and in the strategic management of HR, providing solutions, strategies and tools, once reserved to multinationals only.

We do not know what the future holds.

Surely our path of change will continue, because, as Simon Sinek says, ours is an infinite game.

Creativity is the fundamental of innovation

The Meaning of our Logo

We love to play because creativity is the fundamentals of innovation.

Our logo represents our way of acting, out of the box, to find in a few moves, valuable solutions.

Try it.

Take a sheet of paper and draw 9 dots as it appears from the image of our logo.

Connect the 9 dots by drawing 4 lines without ever removing the pen from the paper.

If you cannot, do not worry.

We are often like a car in the night, we only see the road for the part illuminated by our headlights.

Labour Consultants specialized in the strategic HR management
We want to support entrepreneurs in the creation a sustainable business system.
We cooperate with over 200 SMEs, managing on average 3,500 employees.
Concrete aid in the form of microcredit to support work projects in developing countries.
Not only Payroll. We measure and manage data to strategically choose the best remuneration policies
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