Our Why

Our vision is «A sustainable business system where people are well and work for the pleasure of working».

To realize our dream

«We support entrepreneurs through labour consulting and HR strategic management to facilitate the creation of this system»

A nonlinear path that has become the beginning of something bigger.

We started from the solution to understand how it works and create a replicable and reliable method for our companies.

This tested method has materialized the theoretical concepts learned from books and experiential narrative of AIDP and Assochange.

Stories. Experiences. Comparison. Contamination.

Agile solutions that came to life when the new skills of Coaching, Problem Solving and Emotional Intelligence found their application in Labour Consulting.

Solutions that have shifted our focus from «Work» to «Person», transforming us into what we define, Strategic Labour Consultants.

Labour Consultants specialized in the strategic HR management
Ours is a history of continuous transformation and innovation
We cooperate with over 200 SMEs, managing on average 3,500 employees.
Concrete aid in the form of microcredit to support work projects in developing countries.
Not only Payroll. We measure and manage data to strategically choose the best remuneration policies
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